Arguments in Technology 

The pros and cons of our favorite tech tools! 

Resources used for project 
Common Sense Media is an informational website offering multiple resources and materials related to media and technology.  They offer ratings of movies, games, TV shows, apps, music, books, and websites.  The site also offers multiple resources for educators to use in the classroom for students of all ages when discussing digital citizenship, searching and evaluating the Internet, and cyberbullying.  Common Sense Media also offers resources for professional development, recommendations for technologies to use in the classroom, and managing 1:1 devices.  I linked to this site from a list of resources in the Howard County document repository for teachers of the Digital Citizenship modules.  
WebSmarts is a stand alone, interactive site that guides students (mostly 6th grade and up) through a short lesson including a video and a quiz about using technology and the Internet.  Students can evaluate their current understanding of evaluating the web, and teachers can use the site materials to guide students through the process if necessary.  WebSmarts is made in conjunction with ThinkPort which is a government-funded program for the state of Maryland in conjunction with Maryland Public Television.  I accessed this site through the Maryland State Department of Education website.  
GCF (Goodwill Community Foundation) is a website that offers numerous tutorials and lessons on anything from email to math to Microsoft Office.  I used this site as a resource for determining the best ways to evaluate websites and conduct web searches.  I would use this site in the futur to assign tutorials to students in class and for homework assignments.  Many different news organizations and non-profit sponsors are listed on the site as being sponsors and supporters of
Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything is a very popular, successful website used by people all over the country to learn more about educational technology as well as how to integrate technology into the classroom.  Her 5 W's approach to website evaluation has been a staple in classrooms for years.  She also offers edtech coaching as well as some information about her own personal life.  This website was presented in my ET630 class as an official guide for edtech resources.  
Teachbytes is a blog created and maintained by Aditi Rao, an educational technology coach working for a non-profit in Texas.  She consistently offers blogs posts about the newest and most innovative ideas and products in the edtech world today.  Rao's blog is part of Teach100, a website that evaluates and ranks the top 100 sites in education.