Arguments in Technology 

The pros and cons of our favorite tech tools! 

Arguments for and against Technology 

Arguments in Technology Mini-Project

Almost everyone in our society today uses some kind of technology every day.  Whether it be a car, a cell phone, a television, a tablet, and even a pencil, we use technology to make our lives easier.  However, people have opposing viewpoints about the benefits and potential problems with using too much technology.  And there are many websites and articles on the Internet about these opinions.  Your task is to take a look at both sides of the debate over many of today's common technologies.


  1.   Understand the topic your group has been given to research and develop several research questions to guide your search.
  2.   Develop a plan for searching the Internet for answers to your research questions.
  3.   Evaluate the websites you find that you would like to use to defend BOTH sides of the argument.
  4.   Take notes from TWO websites for the benefits of using your technology and TWO websites for the potential problems when using your technology.
  5.   Summarize your findings and present them to the class.

NOTE:  You will NOT be picking a side, simply presenting an unbiased view of both sides of the argument.  

  • One completed SEARCH Strategies worksheet per group
  • One completed Website Evaluation worksheet per group
  • One completed Venn Diagram per group
  • One Google Presentation per group
  • Oral presentation to class 
  • Identify what each member of the group contributed

Group Number
 Resource Documents 
 Cell phones
 Video Games 
Tablets in the Classroom
 MP3 Players (iPod, etc.)   


Sample Slideshow Presentation

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