Arguments in Technology 

The pros and cons of our favorite tech tools! 

Arguments in Technology 

As part of the Science Fiction unit in 8th grade, we are going to be taking a look at some of the major arguments in science and technology.  These include utopia vs. dystopia, science vs. nature, hard vs. soft science fiction, an optimistic view of future vs. a pessimistic view, and moral vs. ethical decisions.  Before we begin to explore these topics, because they are broad and subject to many different interpretations, we need to understand how to navigate all of the information available when conducting research.  As a class, we will work on increasing our information literacy, developing effective search skills, and utilizing web evaluation tools.   

Information Literacy 

Everyday, billions of people access information on the Internet for many different reasons and purposes.  Students are researching topics for school, kids are looking for video game cheats, parents look for daycare, teachers look for lesson plans, and businesses can't exist without a web presence.  However, all of this searching can be overwhelming, especially when users are looking for something specific amidst the tumultuous sea of information.  Users need to learn how to better navigate the net in order to be smarter, more critical users of the world wide web.  

Essential Questions to think about:

1.  How do I conduct an effective search to find the best results for my topic?

2.  When I have found sites I want to use, how do I evaluate them for accuracy?

3.  Why is it important for me to improve my understanding of conducting research?  

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